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Rock Composite Doors

We only fit the highest quality Rock and Visage Composite Door. All composite door frames are manufactured using high quality profiles to complement our windows.

These are high security doors and come with a choice of locking systems, such as hook/dead bolt locking or ‘yale’ style night latch. There are a selection of colours available in our composite door range such as white, rosewood, golden oak, red, blue, green, black and grey with numerous choices on glass designs.

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Arcacia Composite Door - Cosmopolitan Glass

­Model: Arcacia Cosmopolitan

Carolina Bar Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Carolina Bar Plain Glass

Classic Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Classic Plain Glass

Colonial Solid Composite Door

Model: Colonial Solid

Cottage View Light Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Cottage View Light Plain Glass

Cottage Spy View Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Cottage Spy View Plain Glass

English Cottage Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: English Cottage Plain Glass

Georgia Composite Door - Constellation Glass

Model: Georgia Constellation

Georgia Composite Door - Northern Star Glass

Model: Georgia Northern Star

Georgia Composite Door - Renaissance Glass

Model: Georgia Renaissance

Georgia Composite Door - Vela Glass

Model: Georgia Vela

Jacobean Composite Door - Apollo Glass

Model: Jacobean Apollo

Jacobean Composite Door - Scorpio Glass

Model: Jacobean Scorpio

Jacobean Composite Door - Simple Rose Glass

Model: Jacobean Simple Rose

Kentucky Composite Door - Aquarius Glass

Model: Kentucky Aquarius

Montana Composite Door - Libra Glass

Model: Montana Libra

Montana Composite Door - Renaissance Glass

Model: Montana Renaissance

Newark Composite Door - Bright Star Glass

Model: Newark Bright Star

Newark Composite Door - Citadel Glass

Model: Newark Citadel

Newark Composite Door - Jubilee Glass

Model: Newark Jubilee

Newark Composite Door - Lantern Glass

Model: Newark Lantern

Portland Composite Door - Beacon Glass

Model: Portland Beacon

Portland Composite Door - Clover Glass

Model: Portland Clover

Portland Composite Door - Horizon Glass

Model: Portland Horizon

Portland Composite Door - Starlite anthracite Glass

Model: Portland Starlite Anthracite

Portland Composite Door - Starlite Crystal Glass

Model: Portland Starlite Crystal

Portland Composite Door - Sunrise Anthracite Glass

Model: Portland Sunrise Anthracite

Portland Composite Door - Sunrise Crystal

Model: Portland Sunrise Crystal

Regency Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Regency Plain Glass

Stable Diamond Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Stable Diamond Plain Glass

Stable Spy View Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Stable Spy View Plain Glass

Stable View Light Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Stable View Light Plain Glass

Tennessee Composite Door - Dorado Glass

Model: Tennessee Dorado

Tongue and Groove Solid Composite Door

Model: Tongue and Groove Solid

Vault Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Vault Plain Glass

Virginia Composite Door - Plain Glass

Model: Virginia Plain Glass

Vogue Composite Door - Abyss Glass

Model: Vogue Abyss

Vogue Composite Door - Cube Glass

Model: Vogue Cube

Windsor Composite Door - Neptune Glass

Model: Windsor Neptune

Windsor Composite Door - Triton Glass

Model: Windsor Triton

Visit the Rock Door website to find out more about their Totally Secure & Maintenance Free Rock Door Composite Doors.

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